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Advertising and Marketing = Growth

Advertising and marketing needs to be a part of every business plan. Interactions with your clients, prospects and regular customers are the backbone of your company. Therefore, every business needs to have both an online and a print advertising marketing presence.

Direct Mailers: are extremely effective and allow you to be as personal and directed in your message as you desire. Targeting an audience is easier with direct mail over other types of marketing. Di

rect mail has advantages over advertising online where your audience is vast and advertising can just “pop up”. The types of direct mail pieces you use and which audience you point at can determine the results of a campaign, also. The following is a list and a description of Direct Mailer pieces to consider in getting your message out to the right audience.

Postcards: Postcards are the most popular choice when it comes to direct mail. It is versatile, to the point, colorful and inexpensive. When designing a postcard for a campaign, the message is the centerpiece and the picture or photo are the eye catcher. A postcard can be used as a coupon, an invitation, an announcement, an event pass or as a collectible or souvenir.

Sales Letters: These letters generally look like personalized one on one letters. They can be designed to get a particular message out to your mailing list. They can educate and instruct on certain procedures. They give facts and useful hints and describe experiences of other customers. The letters also make offers towards a purchase More than postcards, letters can let your own personality shine through and more thoroughly explain your business.

Newsletters: Newsletters can be time consuming, but they have a high rate of attraction. Short concise articles with exciting announcement always causes someone to read it. If a newsletter is scheduled once a quarter, you can keep prospects and customers alike informed on all of the latest news and business that has occurred in the last three months. They can also share news that is seasonal and holiday oriented. Short articles and lively pictures that are centered around the company's purpose that will encourage continuous support.

Brochures and Leaflets: Brochures and leaflets are the perfect outlet for providing an overview of your company. You can send them out to your mailing list without an enve