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Yard Signs! Yes or No

If 44% of homes are found by buyers online, that means that 54% are found using other means. Yard Signs are the directors of searches. If a person saw a house online, then they will drive by and be directed to the Yard Sign. It is a special designation having a sign in your yard!. Many people simply drive through a neighborhood they like and keep their eyes open for the For Sale signs. Any Sunday afternoon will find the “slow drivers” circling a cute neighborhood with the front seat passenger feverishly writing down names and phone numbers found on the Yard Sign. They are on these drive bys to take a look at the outside of the house and the street and the neighborhood. The sign also serves as an identification point for those who are trying to locate the property. With a sign in the yard, no one can say they couldn't find it or that there wasn't a sign, so they thought the house wasn't available any longer and didn't pay much attention and just drove on. Often, it is a passer-by who makes a quick curiosity call from their cell phone. Not having a Yard Sign could mean long periods of no home showings and could limit the potential of the property.

Yard Signs are not a requirement to sell a house. But, having one will normally create more calls about the property. Many realtors consider a Yard Sign the best marketing tool. A Brochure holder with a business card attached to the brochure can also help

But there are disadvantages to putting a sign in the yard. People see the sign and want to see the house...NOW! It has happened on more than one occasion that people will pull into the driveway of the house for sale and go and knock on the door. And this can happen at 7 am as well as 9 pm. Strangers with no realtor in tow is a rather unsettling event. Quite simply, no one should answer the door to anyone you don’t know especially someone demanding to see the house without an appointment! Anyone who really wants to view the home should make an appointment. A home viewing requires a bit of cleanup work from everyday living and some time to prepare to get the kids and dog out of the house. Open houses and model homes are perfect for people to just drop by.

A realtor benefits from a Yard Sign because it is free advertising. It is an announcement to the neighborhood that this realtor is working for this seller. It is an enticement for the neighbors to hire this realtor when they are ready to sell. The value of the homeowners privacy and safety needs to play into the decision of placing a sign in the yard. Every seller needs to know their options.

Using a sign may help with a neighbor’s recommendation of the property to a friend or family. Or maybe the neighbors are active buyers searching for a new home and they may only come to know of the availability as a result of a sign. A buyer may drive by and ask his or her agent about your property. A sign can generate interest in a house in so many different ways

To be successful in real estate you have to be able to do more than just close the deal. You need to effectively manage and grow a small business. That means finding clients, keeping them, and motivating them to buy or sell.

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