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Moving into Assisted Living

Realtors look for “specialties and niches” to make their business successful in a highly competitive market. One niche that will need many realtors to specialize in is the market moving into assisted living. Many families have found themselves with the need to move a family member to assisted living and it is a dilemma. They need to figure out what to do with the home, the stuff, the family legacy all while the family member is still living. A realtor specializing in this passage of life can easily become a major aide along with being an advocate.

When a family finds themselves with an older member who can no longer live on their own, they face the decision to either move them into their own homes where they will take care of them or if their level of care requires more than the family can handle, into assisted living. This is an extremely difficult transition for all involved. But, a realtor with expertise can help make the process easier for all involved.

The right facility will make all the difference so a great deal of research needs to go into the choice. Having someone who has the knowledge and experience with the homes and their offerings and features will be of great relief. Cost, amenities, accessibility and references are essential.

The next step a family needs to confront is the house and the belongings of this member. If the home is going to stay in the family, then some time can be taken to sort and throw out thi