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Yes, Yes You DO Need a Website

With Facebook pages both personal and business, Instagram and Pinterest, it may seem as though your business is saturating the internet. Those pages are all fine, but should be considered add-ons to your basic “Go To” page...Your Website!

Unlike a brick and mortar store or office, a Website is your business open all day and night, every day, month and year. Your customer or client can find you whenever they need you. It invites them to come on in at their convenience. When you are home and asleep, your customer is at your “shop”.

Having a website allows you to have customers and clients from around the world. You don’t have to wait until someone walks in the door. Locals and those in other states and countries alike can access your information and your products or services. Your Website address should appear on every piece of marketing and advertising so that it increases the effectiveness of not only the ads, business cards, brochures and mailers, but it allows those receiving the information to research even further about you, your products and services.