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Personal notes are the thing that can seal a deal. It is always wonderful to find a small card sized envelope in your mailbox. You eagerly open it to find out who it is from and what it is all about. Just a message saying hello or a thank you for attending a meeting can be appreciated beyond a text message, a phone call or a page “like”.

The following list are some ideas on when and how to send a personal note. Always make sure these notes are short, to the point but definitely heartfelt!.

Send a note following a phone call that was important. It not only shows appreciation for the time it took to talk on the phone, but for accomplishing the task at hand.

If someone just stops in, a followup note is always appreciated for recognizing their visit and how nice it was to see them. Catching up on exciting news is important and can cement a relationship.

If someone sends a referral, a note is essential. Thank them for their trust in your abilities to take care of their referral and for any in the future.

Service can be everything and a thank you note for a job well done assures great service in the future and a possible client for life! Servers, mechanics, hair stylists and shopkeepers who went out of their way deserve a thank you and a note is definitely endearing!

A thank you note for joining an online mailing list requires recognition for taking the time to fill out the forms. And this note will be a surprise since the receiver will be expecting a text message and not a personal note! Make sure to say how excited you are in being able to build a new and great relationship!

Just like a RSVP card, a few days before an appointment, send a personal note stating how you are looking forward to your meeting. Confirm time and date and all will be well!

After a presentation or meeting,send a personal note thanking them for taking the time for the meeting. Even if they haven’t made a decision regarding the subject of the meeting, a personal note can get in a couple more points and explain some things even further. If they did purchase or sign the dotted line in the meeting, your note should again thank them for the time spent and to solidify the next step in the process.

Send a touch base type of note during the process to let them know that you are working hard for them and their project. Let them know when you will contact them again with another update.

Send a note of thanks after an open house. Make sure to add a few comments from buyers and other realtors who took the tour. Keep your enthusiasm high.

Send another note after a buyer appointment. Let your clients know that it was a pleasure to tour them and that you will talk to them soon. Also send a seller note explaining what the outcome of the tour was and any additional comments.

Definitely send a personal note when an offer has been accepted, when financing has gone through and, if they are the seller, a Hip Hip Hooray note on selling the house. These notes should be special, the kind that you would keep for memories sake!

Closing Day requires a personal note with plenty of good wishes. Also include a thank you for the ability to represent them throughout their process. The seller should receive a thank you for exactly the same reasons!

Make sure to send a personal thank you note to the other agent involved in the transaction. It helps to keep in contact with others in the industry and especially those you work with!

Thanking all the vendors involved with the transaction is also a way to cement the future and the relationship. Congratulate them on a job well done!

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