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Subject Line Words that Don’t Work

First thing in the morning when a computer gets turned on, the email is checked. Emails rule in the world. Who answered your emails sent from yesterday? Did you get the answers you were looking for. What was the response rate. These are all the first things that come to mind when you open up mail. Emails are 40 times more effective than social media. Email marketing is more powerful than ever before. Ninety percent of all consumer in the United State use email on a daily basis. So the statistic to look for is your click through rate (CTR). How many people actually go through the process of opening your mail and reading it? The average click through rate is 3.75%! The rest of those emails go unread or to junk mail!

So, what do you do to increase your CTR? First, don’t write words that have negative meanings in the subject line. Who wants to open something that starts sad, bad or mad? The human response to those negative words is to back away and avoid. Therefore, these go into the trash! Using strong words with compelling and potent meanings will get the receivers interest and open the mail.

Here are some suggestions of words NOT to use in your subject line of your business email and the receiver will open and the mail will convert!

FREE! GUARANTEED! URGENT! Can we say Spam? These words set off the spam alert and they go directly to trash. You don’t want to make a follow up call and ask people to check their spam folder for YOUR email! Email spam trigger words should be avoided at all costs. There are many of these words out there and you can start with these three and any that al like them.
HEY! HELLO! DEAR! Familiar greeting from someone you don’t know is just irritating. Personalization is what we want to convey, but doing it as a first communication will affect the CTR numbers. Avoiding too much familiarity in the first few pieces is recommended. Keep things formal and business like until there are actual confirmation of the receiver responding in some form.

SALE! OPEN NOW! CLICK HERE! These words quite simply don’t work! Instead of the word sale, use “charming cottage with a lower price”, “on Thursday we will announce” or “download a new list” Use words that describe instead of shout instead of the word sale. Verbs calls the receiver to action instead of open now or click here. These will help the reader understand what they are to do.

BEAUTIFUL! FANTASTIC! EXCITING! Sometimes these descriptive words can be too much to be real. They give the impression that it is a fake ad and the receiver will skate right over the email. Depending on the word they can make your subject line message seem too pushy and more than likely spam. There is no real information in these words since beauty is in the eye of the beholder.