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Pinterest is a Real Estate Marketing Tool

I can use 1001 words to describe a house to someone, but it is the photo that will be the real persuasive tool. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, off the ability to engage with photograph. When someone is buying or selling a house, the first thing they seek are the pictures that go with the listing. Visuals are the main focus of the social media platform Pinterest. So, logically, Pinterest is perfect for realtors.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. You find something you like that someone posted and you pin it to one of your own bulletin boards. Or you find something you like from another site altogether and you can pin it to one of your boards. Bulletin boards are divided by subject matter, interests, ideas, plans and whatever you want to call the board. Photos that highlight the project or the craft, interior decor and recipes provide inspiration. It also allows you to post photos of properties and landscapes. But, there are tricks to getting those pictures seen by the masses of people who visit Pinterest. As a realtor who wants people to find you and your boards and then have them pin your information to their boards, you have to understand what is important to those people and what they are looking for. Being relevant will take a bit of work and engaging them will take some creativity and imagination.

First, you should pin to be re-pinned. Your content, photos of homes, landscaping or community shots should be done so that someone else likes them enough to re-pin them onto their own board. Subject matter that you pin onto your own board should be of interest to the real estate customer. What are they finding interesting and useful? You will need to use relevant keywords and hashtags to make your pins more easily searchable. If it’s your original content, you should always include a link in the description in your pin that has the right page on your website so that they follow it there. Subjects for Pinterest boards for real estate could include Homes for Sale, Home Sold, Decorating a new Home, Gardening in the City, Patio Sensations, Top 10 Mortgage Rules, How to Repair Your Credit. These are all sought after subjects for someone buying a home. You do not need to have boards that are only about the homes you have listed. Buying or selling a home is complicated and your boards can be the classroom teacher!

Here are a few suggestions for boards that will attract Re-pinners and customers alike.

Attract Buyers and Sellers - Eye catching boards about design promotes ideas of what a new place could be like. Inspirational photos of interior design, architecture and home makeovers get people excited and attracts many re-pinners from both the sellers and buyer side of the aisle. Divide these types of boards into more detailed boards such as Country Style, Pillars on the Inside and From Dull Kitchen to Spectacular Cooking Gallery. Other boards can address the how to’s of inspecting the home, how to know what you are looking for in a new home and details about certain neighborhoods in your city. It doesn’t matter if your boards are about interior decorating or the details of finance. Develop boards that pertain to home buyers and they will flock to the boards to re-pin.

Feature Distinct Places - If your specialty or niche is a certain area of town or a particular type of house, create boards that feature these areas. A board about an entire city is great if you are seeking re-pinners from other parts of the country, but a board that is specific to a neighborhood that you have listed homes will attract people who want to live there. Also add boards about the neighborhood’s restaurants and shops, their festivals and schools and parks and special amenities. If you specialize in a particular home like a log cabin, create boards that show decorating styles, maintenance tricks and landscaping ideas with that type of home in mind.

Give Guidance and Information - Post boards that can help people along the way to buying or selling a home. Show them what kind of authority you are in your field. Going from a Renter to a Homeowner, How to Move with Nothing Broken, How long to Appliances Last are all subjects that people need answers. Offer classes in financing or home renovation through your boards. Giving out information is a great way to get people to ask more questions and want to contact you. Every board post should include your website address.

Finally...How To Get Traffic to Your Boards - Make sure that your descriptions that you put in to go along with each picture has the details for that picture. Pictures are great, but people want to know what they are looking at. You don’t need to write a book, but a description will make everything very clear. Using keywords for search engines will bring people to the board. Just as you do with Twitter or Facebook to get followers, you have to follow back. Follow others on Pinterest. Save their pins to your boards. Like their boards and pins. If you follow others with your same interests, they will follow you back and increase the amount of reach you get. From your settings button on Pinterest, you can scroll down and find the Social Media category and turn on the notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft mail. This allows you to share your message every time you pin or create a board. This will allow even more people to find you on Pinterest expanding your followers and your reach.

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