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PINTEREST Pinning Subjects

Pinterest is a platform that allows you to create a strong presence with your vast knowledge in your field. Pinning a picture, a list of ideas or suggestions, or a link to a blog or article, will allow you to address many issues for home buyers and sellers. Each pin should have a link back to a website or a blog so that you can continue the conversation more fully. Your Pins can be vast and cover many subjects but, in order to create a following, you need to create a theme consistent with what you are seeking. If you are trying to find buyers of homes, your pins should be designed to attract buyers with pins about mortgages, what to look for in a perfect home, and perhaps pictures of different home types. If you are looking for sellers, pins could involve lists of things to do to prepare your home for sale, how to move out of your home with organization, and the trials and tribulations of downsizing. Sometimes though, you run out of ideas on what to pin next. We have created a list of ideas that will attract people to re-pin and increase traffic not only to your website but to your business.

Ideas for Pins for Buyers of a House:

Money Tips for First Time Home Buyers

How to Choose a Realtor

Best Buyers Agents