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Pinterest Boards That Get Attention

Like Instagram, Pinterest is an image driven social media platform. When it started in 2010, it was a new arena to post pictures of crafts and how to do projects. But since then, it has become the fourth largest in getting traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Tumblr have the ability to share content such as comments, articles, statements, blogs and other written material. But, Pinterest is basically all about the visuals. Photos, paintings, cartoons and pictures of projects are the force behind the followers and the re-pins. These power the engagement much more than words. On most other platforms, photos, pictures, cartoons are shared twice as often as just a written statement. Because of its us of photos and pictures, Pinterest is an important tool for realtors and their marketing.

In order for a realtor to develop a Pinterest following where people “Pin” your posting or “Pins”, there are certain processes to be implemented with each pin. To begin, you need to figure out what people are searching for on Pinterest. If you have a new listing and it has a large front porch, before you create a pin, you can search in the search bar for “homes with large front porches” and see how many boards or pins there are out there. You can do the search in “All pins” that are listed on Pinterest or you can get it down to “All Boards” on Pinterest. You can go to each board and see how many followers they have. You can rearrange the key words in your search until you find a combination that has many followers on boards. It is a way of editing until you have a successful Pin title that will attract other searchers. Look for the popular Keyword and a popular Board Title and has lots of followers.

Now you can name your board after all of the research.Remember that the name is what is going to trigger a following from the search. Stick to a simple title that states exactly what is on the board. Do not get super creative. Your boards are your filing system and they need to be easily found. Next, create a description of the board. Use the Keyword and a full sentence for search consistency and go into a bit more detail about what this particular board is about. Keep it simple and unique. Stay away from words that sound like spam.

A board cover is the first picture that will come up for your board. When someone searches your boards, the cover will be the first image and will give the hint as to what is inside the board. If your board is about front porches on homes, make that cover picture be bold and bright and show what this board is all about. Now, pin some pins into that board by searching on Pinterest for other front porch ideas. Remember you are filling a file folder full of ideas that are going to attract other front porch searchers. When someone goes to your board and they look inside, they like to see lots of pins or ideas. Work on one board at a time so that it gets filled up with pins and people will spend time re-pinning those pins into their own boards. If you are placing pins that are of your own creation, make sure that you add your logo or address or or contact information into each pin picture. When they re-pin into their own boards, it is like a seed being carried through the wind and landing someplace that it will plant roots and blossom.

Remember to use the Keyword for this Board throughout all of your pins. It will make it easier to find in searches. Pinterest makes search suggestions and it analyzes not only the Board name and words in the description, but those of each individual pin also. So the rule is to pin content from the Board to the individual pins using the Keyword. Also, Pinterest takes into consideration the number of pins and re-pins you have in order for your Boards to be seen. If you use Pinterest only occasionally, you will not show up as a suggested search until you have more activity.

You will want to add a “Pin it” button to each page on your website. When people visit your website, they can then pin the picture to their boards on Pinterest. Again, this sends that “seed” even further. Your Boards should be of many different subjects involving your overall purpose of being on Pinterest. If you are there because of Real Estate, then your Boards should be about the parts of real estate that you are an expert. Or they can be about your listings, breaking them down into Boards about neighborhoods or events in those neighborhoods, the schools and parks. They can also be about the process of buying or selling a house and financing. Your Boards and their content can be as varied as you would like.

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