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Pinterest Boards That Get Attention

Like Instagram, Pinterest is an image driven social media platform. When it started in 2010, it was a new arena to post pictures of crafts and how to do projects. But since then, it has become the fourth largest in getting traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Tumblr have the ability to share content such as comments, articles, statements, blogs and other written material. But, Pinterest is basically all about the visuals. Photos, paintings, cartoons and pictures of projects are the force behind the followers and the re-pins. These power the engagement much more than words. On most other platforms, photos, pictures, cartoons are shared twice as often as just a written statement. Because of its us of photos and pictures, Pinterest is an important tool for realtors and their marketing.

In order for a realtor to develop a Pinterest following where people “Pin” your posting or “Pins”, there are certain processes to be implemented with each pin. To begin, you need to figure out what people are searching for on Pinterest. If you have a new listing and it has a large front porch, before you create a pin, you can search in the search bar for “homes with large front porches” and see how many boards or pins there are out there. You can do the search in “All pins” that are listed on Pinterest or you can get it down to “All Boards” on Pinterest. You can go to each board and see how many followers they have. You can rearrange the key words in your search until you find a combination that has many followers on boards. It is a way of editing until you have a successful Pin title that will attract other searchers. Look for the popular Keyword and a popular Board Title and has lots of followers.

Now you can name your board after all of the research.Remember that the name is what is going to trigger a following from the search. Stick to a simple title that states exactly