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Twitter for Real Estate

Yes, Twitter can be used for real estate marketing too, just like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Twitter originally made you edit your message down to just 140 characters which was good practice for creating a very tight message. But now, it has expanded its numbers to 280 characters and a bit more information can be included.

Each Tweet should include a picture. Pictures or photos create more engagement naturally. As people scroll through their feed, they pause a bit on a bright colorful picture and will like it more often than just a comment.

Use hashtags with the main subject of your Tweet to get more interaction with others who are looking for the same information. This adds value to your content and for your followers.

Follow others often as they tend to follow you back. In the search bar at the top of the page, search for real estate subjects using the keywords that you are tweeting about and like others and their information or tweets.

If you Tweet consistently about the same type of subjects, people will begin to follow you to gain more information. You will become an “influencer” and create a base who will be expecting your next Tweet.

Share information about your town, neighborhood or community. Local content featuring a picture with a hashtag of the location brings more people outside of the real estate subject matter that will also follow you. Tweet about the restaurants, parks and events and include in the picture a website address.

As you become familiar with Tweeting and develop a following or audience, you will see which of your Tweets are getting the most interaction. At that point, you will now want to start targeting your niche audience. If your base reacts to Tweets about ideas for buyers or for sellers or for renters, direct your Tweets to subjects that concern them. Editing a statement or an entire subject in 280 characters seems impossible but it will become habit after some practice and fresh editing skills. Make sure that you cross post your Tweets on all of your other social media platforms and include webpage links.

The key to spreading your online visibility and establishing business credibility is a well-built website that reflects your products and services in an organized, modern, and aesthetically pleasing design. We at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, can help you boost your online presence by creating an original website, fit to your business’ specific needs. We know that no two businesses are alike – so we won’t just throw your content into a basic pre-created template. Our experienced web designers will work with you to make sure each page reflects your products, services, and anything else you’d like to include. We guarantee we’ll provide you with a website you will be proud of, that reflects your professionalism, pride, and hard work you put into your business

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