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Door Hangers for Realtors

Door hangers are versatile pieces of marketing paper that can catch the eye, promote your business, and are extremely affordable. Door Hangers can be excellent in reaching your goals in getting leads. They have many benefits over other types of marketing pieces and they have several advantages, too.

First, Door hangers are not used by everyone in every type of business. Therefore, they are uncommon. Because the receiver has to touch the hanger to take it off the door handle, they have a tendency to actually read it to see who put it there. If the picture, photograph or artwork is interesting and colorful, they will keep the piece and react immediately or keep it for a follow up later.

They are very noticeable. Anything hanging on the front door is going to get noticed. Other pieces of mail such as a postcard or a letter can be easy to throw away. A Door hanger is right there in their hand when they twist the knob to get inside.

Door hangers are easily coordinated with Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail campaigns. They can be sized and shaped to stand out. Larger pieces or oddly shaped pieces can do well as Door hangers as they do not have to fit any regulations. The sky's the limit when it comes to design. You can add cards or brochures tucked in plastic bags or a refrigerator magnet or a cute cutout greeting piece.

The best part of Door hangers is that they are very inexpensive. They cost basically the same as a Postcard as they have both sides to be printed, but they end up being cheaper to distribute. The price of distribution can, in certain circumstances, be less than half of mailing. Plus, they can go out more often therefore “touching base” with the prospect more often and in a different way.

You can distribute your Door hangers yourself or hire some kids to go through a neighborhood. But you may not be able to get the full coverage you want because of the vastness of your market area. Distribution services are probably the most efficient way to get the hangers on the doors. These companies have methods and teams that work their magic so quickly that you will be glad you contracted with them.

The next thing to do is to figure out what you want to say on your Door hangers. Color selections, photographs and fonts all depend upon your message. You can choose to have one message on one side of the Door hanger and another message on the opposite side. But it is advisable to coordinate your Door hangers with your Direct Mail campaigns.

Here are some suggestions for messages on your Door hangers.

Introduction - Information about your business with a telephone number, website and physical address are great Door Hangers to let the neighborhood know you are there.

Open House - Let everyone in the neighborhood know that there is going to be an Open House. Invite them to attend with your Door hanger.

Holiday Greeting - It is never too late to offer a Holiday Greeting whether it is Christmas, Easter or the Fourth of July. Keeping your marketing area reminded of you and your business can be made into very delightful Door hanger.