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Direct Mail Postcards

Direct Mail Postcards should be a part of your Direct Mail Marketing strategy. You want to reach prospective clients in the most efficient way possible with the quickest route and the least expensive manner. You want to make sure that the right message is on the right type of Postcard, and, most importantly, you want them to grab the attention of the receiver.

The following are some ideas on how you can be successful in using Postcards to achieve your goals in any Direct Mail campaign.

The size of the Postcard is always a very important factor. The size of the card needs to fit the size of your message. Postcards are small and can be overlooked in a pile of mail. Their artistic characteristics need to be very strong so they literally jump out of that pile and grabs the receiver! You want to catch someone’s eye and make it very clear about what you’re offering. Color, font and graphics can accomplish this mission. If you have colorful art, a unique font and a shout it out message, you have to consider if the normal 4” x 6” Postcard size will work. Will a larger size accomodate your copy in a stronger fashion? Whether large or small, Postcards are very concise ways of writing a message. There is only so much room for so many words and you have to edit down to the bare bones and keep it to the point.

Your cards should ALWAYS have your Website address located prominently in the layout. There is only so much space on a Postcard for you to get your information, so take the reader to a location where they can get further details.

Each Postcard you send, has a distinct message in which all of the pieces of art, graphics and fonts work together to instruct the receiver to do something. But, what are those “somethings”? Here are a few ideas for Postcard messages.

Promote Special Events. Postcards are excellent for announcements and invitations. A “Save the Date” Postcard can be used for any type of event. A flashy design with a link to a website landing page for registration can make the card show up on bulletin boards and refrigerators.

Create Coupons! Postcards are great for “Present this card for 50% off” types of coupons. No clipping, just bring in the whole card and the coupon will be scanned. A simple bold message and a coupon is all you need for a prospect’s reaction and response.

Create a Series of Postcards. Just like a cliff hanger soap opera, you have to watch the next show to know what is going to happen! You can tease a whole campaign and get people involved with each new Postcard that is sent. If you are moving, adding new employees, starting a new program, each of these can be announced by an ever intriguing Postcard giving more and more details up to the actual announcement.

Send a Postcard cartoon! Cartoons get looked at! Cartoons get read! Cartoons get responses! A Postcard with a colorful, customized cartoon are not only a “hook” to get someone interested and travel to your website, but they elicit laughter and cause people to keep the card around for further reference.

Neon Colors, Brilliant Colors, Sparkly colors get attention. The most effective design element that you can use to get a response is color. A Postcard that is filled with unique graphics and brilliant colors can be irresistible. The purpose of a Direct Mail Postcard is to get it read! If someone reads the message just because of the color curiosity and attraction, then the mission has been accomplished!