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Generating Leads from a Website

Websites are your Base. They are the Center of all activity. A Website is Home.

Generating traffic to your Website should be your major marketing goal. There are some steps that you can take to generate that traffic and then transform that traffic into leads. You want to engage the people visiting your site. You want to qualify visitors to find out how interested they really are. Make your visitors an offer on your Website, or a free subscription, a class or an assessment and special report and have them fill out contact information forms. This will create instant leads!

Blogging is another way to get people to come to your Website. Each blog entry is a new page on your site. The more pages, the merrier. This gives you greater optimization on Google. Also, using specific keywords, your ranking goes higher for each.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all social media sites that are a great way to grow your group of followers around your brand.The bigger your group the more traffic you will attract to your Website. Offering information on social media that your followers are seeking, will establish you as someone who is interesting but also attract other followers because your content was shared.

Content on your Website must be relevant and focused on your type of prospect. Creating content that will attract this customer must be considered in your pages and subjects. You want to make sure that your message, layout, art and design all have that “trigger” that engages a response.

Once you have the traffic, you will need to create something that appeals and entices your customer to travel to the next step. Offers of all kinds can be developed that the prospect will look at as something of value and they will take the next step in filling out a quick form and send it in to you. Put this offer on all of your website pages as the main reason they are there.

Landing pages for the offers should be designed to be different than the rest of your Website pages. It should be as basic as possible and indicate that it is simply for entering information for contact and receiving the offer. You want them to fill out the form for the offer and that is it. This landing page should stand out so that the prospect doesn’t think that they may be on any other page of the site.

Use a combination of these marketing steps to urge visitors to your Website. Social Media, blogs, direct mail and other tools can help get people to your site. And once there, guide them to where you want them to go to get the information they want. Finally, make sure that they respond so they receive their reward!

The key to spreading your online visibility and establishing business credibility is a well-built Website that reflects your products and services in an organized, modern, and aesthetically pleasing design. We at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, can help you boost your online presence by creating an original Website, fit to your business’ specific needs. We know that no two businesses are alike – so we won’t just throw your content into a basic pre-created template. Our experienced web designers will work with you to make sure each page reflects your products, services, and anything else you’d like to include. We guarantee we’ll provide you with a Website you will be proud of, that reflects your professionalism, pride, and hard work you put into your business.

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