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Marketing Routines

Marketing is defined on Google as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”. Marketing is a fact of life in any business. There are some healthy ways of developing marketing practices that can keep you on top of the job and make the process so much easier!

Because you are small and your payroll is tight, more than likely it is you and you alone that has to perform all the duties of Marketing Manager. But, you can use your resources to get the biggest and best results just like the companies that have a full marketing department.

First, you can be imaginative and bold in your approach to how you promote your company. You can create a marketing campaign that stands out from the rest in the field by taking a risk and trying a new tactic. Research the newest technology and use it. Find out what is popular and “hot” right now and embrace it. Match content with graphics and visuals that scream “brand new” and make it your theme.

Next, use your statistics from past campaigns and data from other sources to calculate your direction you want to go. Use analytics to test which type of types of marketing works best. Send out some marketing pieces using one type of graphic and another group with another and see which group gets the best response so that you can use that one in the future. Using digital strategy and data allows you to keep track of responses and make changes in the future. In your monthly newsletters, ask for comments and feedback from the receivers. Send different postcards or direct mail letters to different demographics and record the numbers of who answers. These will give you an idea of trends and models to use in your next marketing project

Your customer is your best friend! You need to keep strong relationships with your customers because they are your best source of advertising. They will talk to others about your services, your company and about you. You want that conversation to always be in the best light. Use your best customers for testimonials and reference in your advertising and marketing. You can give them and their business a shout out for being a support of your business. This is a display of support and keeping the customer at the forefront of your business ideals. Sending birthday or anniversary cards, taking them out to lunch or pitching in at the community baseball game gives your customer the confidence in your friendship.

Your team may be small, but it can be powerful. Use everyone in your office for the design of a marketing campaign. They are all consumers and know exactly what makes them buy a service or a product. Get them involved in the development and the creative aspects. Ask for their opinions and for their help. Empowering everyone creates an atmosphere for success and it will have more eyes on the project that can look for any mistakes or perhaps, a new way to do things.
Details are in the pudding. Proofreading, detail checking, looking it over not once or twice but three times need to be the rules of the campaign. You must pay attention to the details because this is going to be the only chance you have to impress someone. First impressions are extremely important and one spelling error can change someone's whole perception of your company. Make sure that you have the right phone number, address and email on all pieces and especially on your website. Double check that your call to action makes sense and that it is clear and concise. Confirm that the website is easy to navigate and that your brochures flow with information and that your postcards hit the exact message that you want to convey. Many eyes reading through all pieces can help with this process so pass around your marketing materials before they go into the mailbox. Every little detail of every piece counts for the whole campaign.
Whether you are a big business or a small one, marketing is essential. If you get in the habit of doing the same methods with each campaign, they become habit. Being conscientious will set the pathway to a far greater success than you imagined.

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