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Twitter Real Estate Leads

Twitter can be a confusing platform to use not only on a personal level, but also a business level. But, there are some ways that you can get people to follow you and then turn them into prospects and then into clients. On Facebook, it is all about controlling the number of “friends” or followers that you have and making sure that you are appealing to the reason they are following you. Facebook is also about algorithms and your followers and friends may not see your postings if they are not frequently interactive with you. Twitter is another story. Its feed stream moves very fast and your posting can get lost on the highway. It is important that you find followers on Twitter that are in your community so that you can turn them into clients that will buy your service locally. You should use the people you know in real life to find new followers and then you make those new followers friends.

First, try to follow everyone that you know. If you have an email for your past or current clients, the Twitter import system will allow you to follow everyone in your address book. You can find all of your friends in your gmail account, hotmail and messenger and linkedin. Facebook does not allow you to directly import your contacts into Twitter. You will have to find your friends individually on Twitter and if you have lots of Facebook friends, this can take some time!

Once you have found your friends and begin to follow them, go to their page and hit their followers list and follow those people. You can build your following quickly this way because most people follow you back. It is especially good if , when going through your friends follower lists, you take the time to see if they are local or have and interest in your community. Someone 12 states away may not be very interested in purchasing a home in your town unless they indicate that they might!

Now, you have to create lists. Add your new followers to lists that you create so that you have better control over how you find these people. You can divide your followers or prospects into any type of list that you want and makes sense to just you. You can make the list private or public. A public list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list. When you add someone to your private list, that person does not know they are on that list, just you know. This is a great for earmarking future potential business clients before you connect with them more officially. Public lists allows anyone to follow the list. You are the curator and can remove people by simply deleting them.

Now that you have your followers and prospects divided up into manageable lists, go to these lists as often as possible and engage them and respond to their tweets. Comment often so that they become used to seeing your name in their comments. Eventually, they will look at your profile to see who you are and what you are all about. Start off your relationship with your Twitter lists by just commenting on their post and then working up to introducing them to what you want to convey to them about your business. A sense of trust should be established from the beginning. You don’t want them to think that you are a spammer!

After you have that relationship established and know them as well as you can know anyone on the internet, ask for their business. Make your question so simple that they barely know that you are asking. See if they saw a post of yours that referred to your business. If they don’t answer, just drop it for the time being. If they answer, then you have just obtained the starter key! You can refer them to your website, to your blog or to a particular page on your site. Give them some insight into a question or dilemma they may have with their real estate. Just like any relationship, it