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You Have a Lead on the Internet! Now What?

You are so excited. Someone responded to your posting on your social media page and they are interested in using your service! But, they want to use those services in a couple of months when they are more ready to act upon them. Now what? You have to hold on to these prospects until that time that they are ready to spring into action. The best way to nurture them on and not have them drop off into obscurity is to keep in touch. Just send friendly reminders that you are here and they are there and you are ready to help when the time is right. Don’t let them forget about you or move on to someone else. Send them a card thanking them for their interest. And then send them a letter explaining an opportunity that you have. After a while, they are expecting more news from you and by the time they are ready to move onto the project, you have become an old friend.

Your communication process should never be obnoxious or demanding. You will find those emails or letters get sent to the trash bin. Just compose letters occasionally that send specific information. If you have found a bit of information about the prospect (age, marital status, children, job and where they currently live) you can analyze it and organize information that is statistically designed for them.

If you have found out that they are looking at selling their house, you can begin sending information about new listings and sales that might affect the value of their home. Send them some “just listed” listings and perhaps information about new retail that will be opening up nearby. Put them on your “sellers” postcard mailing list.