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You Have a Lead on the Internet! Now What?

You are so excited. Someone responded to your posting on your social media page and they are interested in using your service! But, they want to use those services in a couple of months when they are more ready to act upon them. Now what? You have to hold on to these prospects until that time that they are ready to spring into action. The best way to nurture them on and not have them drop off into obscurity is to keep in touch. Just send friendly reminders that you are here and they are there and you are ready to help when the time is right. Don’t let them forget about you or move on to someone else. Send them a card thanking them for their interest. And then send them a letter explaining an opportunity that you have. After a while, they are expecting more news from you and by the time they are ready to move onto the project, you have become an old friend.

Your communication process should never be obnoxious or demanding. You will find those emails or letters get sent to the trash bin. Just compose letters occasionally that send specific information. If you have found a bit of information about the prospect (age, marital status, children, job and where they currently live) you can analyze it and organize information that is statistically designed for them.

If you have found out that they are looking at selling their house, you can begin sending information about new listings and sales that might affect the value of their home. Send them some “just listed” listings and perhaps information about new retail that will be opening up nearby. Put them on your “sellers” postcard mailing list.

If they are looking at buying a home and you know where they are looking, invite them to a nearby open house that you are putting on. Send them links to new listings in the area. If you know that they have certain things that they are looking for in a new home, you can email them and tell them about a new listing that has those exact characteristics.

Put these new prospects from your social media lead on your monthly market report and newsletter mailing list. Sending out informational emails or direct mail, will nurture your leads. By sending out things that a buyer, seller or renter conversion need to know, will build a file for the prospect so that they are educated by the time they are ready to “leap” into the project. When sending these out, make sure that they are spaced well in timing so that you don’t inundate them and become unpleasant and unwanted. Write all pieces as personal as you can.

Send a seller an advice letter that explains the importance of correct pricing, getting the house ready to sell and about curb appeal.Or send out First Time Buyer letters which outline things the first time buyer needs to do and consider.

Continue sending emails and postcards and newsletters often enough to keep the prospect interested. Keep in mind that you are staying touch just enough to not be annoying to these contacts. Make sure they are on your holiday card lists and invite them to any themed event that you put on.

The most economical direct mail option for reaching your potential sellers are with Handwritten Yellow Letters. Handwritten Yellow Letters are produced with no computers, font, or printing processes. Personally written just for the client and mailed in hand addressed envelopes, your letter looks like it came from a friend, not a faceless company. That is where the power comes from, the personal touch! Yellow Letters are created using yellow, pink or white tablet style lined paper, legal pad size, with real handwriting and your message can be read in red, blue, or black ink or a combination of multiple colors.We at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, will work with you to create the right marketing letter for your business goal, one that gets results.

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