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Messages Need to Communicate Perfectly

So often, postings on Facebook or Twitter or email messages and even letters, cause you to stop and read it again. You wonder what the sender meant and what was their intent. All messaging, whether online or in written letters/postcards form need to convey the exact message using the perfect words so that the reader knows exactly what you are saying. Buyers and sellers will want to work with you when your message is accurate and you state your intentions. There should be no room for misinterpretation. The words that you use should be the right words to go with your point. A Thesaurus and Dictionary are your friends. Use them.

Words that you write create a picture in the receiver’s mind. That picture needs to be one that is consistent for all readers. When sending an email blast to your clients and prospects, double check that the impression your words are creating are the words that coincide with the your vision. You don’t want to describe something that is actually quite different than the actual case.

Words can have different meanings in different descriptions and sentence structure. This is why you need a thesaurus or a synonym finder. When you describe a home as “quaint”, does that mean it is simple, charming, sweet and attractive? Or is it actually eccentric, quirky, bizarre and whimsical. These are all words found in the definition of the word “quaint” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. You need to choose the correct word to go with the correct description.

You don’t want to use words