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Topics and Blogs

I write blogs. You should write blogs! Writing blogs are good for business. They can draw people into your website. You can create a following. And you can get new business all from a blog. But what do you write about? It is a struggle and it is real. Before you start writing, focus on who your target audience is. Who are they, what are they interested in what do they do for a living and for recreation? Do they have kids? What is their sense of humor and what is it that draws them into a conversation. You want your blog to be relevant and useful and to build positive awareness for your business. You want it to provide information, be valuable and to offer a new perspective. Your ideas should establish your expertise. They should drive engagement and traffic to your site and attract leads. So...Let’s begin writing a blog! The following are some suggestions of topics to write about that will draw people to your blog and then to your website and then to doing business with you.

Write about why you love living and working in your town. Tell a couple of stories about your experience living in this town.

Make an emergency contact list that every homeowner in your town should have on their fridge.

Write about new construction homes for sale. Interview a builder to get the details and the right words to use in describing the process and the plans for the future of the area.

Write a series of blogs that cover each of the neighborhoods in your town. Add links to websites featuring the areas and the activities, parks and amenities.

Write about housing niches. Write about different types of homes or specialty developments.

Townhomes, Tiny homes, Age Specific neighborhoods are all great subjects for blogs.

List the best apps for people who are preparing to sell their home, searching for a place to live or a rental.

Make a list of the best websites for your market. Include all of those regarding dining, jobs, housing, banks, schools, day care centers, and recreation.

List the most popular restaurants in your town and how to get a reservation.

Write a detailed list about private and public