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Direct Mail...Stay in touch Without Being Annoying

Being the first person that someone thinks of in the real estate business can be a tricky process. You need to just “POP” into someone’s mind any time they think Sell, Buy or Rent! Besides calling them every single day and becoming a pest, there are things that you can do to ingrain your business into the minds of both past, present and future clients. No one wants to be forgotten when they have exceptional skills and a great business service. When it comes to someone buying a home, selling their house, renting an apartment or referring another, you need to be the name that comes up and that matters. Over half of all buyers say that they made their realtor choice because they knew the person or had a previous experience with them. The same goes for sellers. In order to achieve that percentage, you need to stay in touch. But, staying in touch can take a certain finesse so that you don’t get on someone’s “ignore” list.

One of the ways you can keep in touch without annoying your clients both past, present and future, is by sending them theme styled postcards or letters. Create a years worth of postcards that have a theme and send one every other week. You can send the normal birthday, anniversary, holiday sets of cards or you can find unusual celebrations and send cards that coordinate with those. Dates such as National Hot Chocolate Day or Mother Goose Month. Choose a theme and you have a whole list of postcards to send.

You can put together a series of postcards that gives prospective clients information about what they need to know to buy a house. The first few postcards can be about saving for a down payment, looking for the right mortgage company, ideas for the perfect home and cool ideas for a front porch. Each piece gives just enough information that it entices the receiver to give you a call for more. Send out a series of postcards about gardens and their flowers. Highlight a new flower and instructions on how to care for it with each mailing. You can send the first cards in a savable envelope that the rest will fit in as they receive them.

Then there are postcards that you can send that are just plain fun. Celebrate Lumpy Rug Day. Lumpy Rug Day is intended to appreciate a good rug. So send a card with a rug on the front and a coupon on the back for a throw rug from a local carpet store that you can partner with. Then there is No Diet Day! Put a delicious chocolate sundae on the front and the recipe on the back. This may have nothing to do with real estate, but the mouth watering picture will have your name remembered for weeks. Send a postcard with a picture of a juicy hamburger on the front for National Hamburger Month. Then, there is No Socks day! Shape a postcard to look like a colorful sock and send it out with a savings idea of “socking it away”! People want to laugh and giggle and there is no better way to do it than to send them something that catches them off guard, is totally not for business and makes them laugh out loud.

So, now you are aware that you need to stay in touch with your clients whether the current ones or the past and future ones. And you need to let them know that you are here and ready and willing to go to work just for them. Put your phone number, your address (physical and email) on your mailings. Make sure that the contact information is very visible. And then, design a card that gives the receiver something to talk about. Make ‘em laugh and they will always remember you, share your information and give you a call.

Here are a few more ideas for you to develop into memorable postcards that will keep your phone ringing!