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Probate Investing

Probate properties can be difficult to navigate, but it is a process that needs to be done. The family who now has to take care of the property can be in various stages of grief and there are so many decisions to make that it can be quite overwhelming. Taking care of the business at hand or the settling of the estate is full of decisions that can be difficult for all of those involved to agree upon. The selling of the property and divesting of the personal belongings are heavy jobs and are often emotional. Working with grieving sellers must be handled with the utmost care even though this may be a one time business transaction. The decisions being made have been dictated by way of a will and have gone through the legal system and now it is time to bring it all to an end. So, for realtors who are approaching properties in probate it is best to use a direct mail letter format that is sent to only this well defined niche. When the recipient gets your letter, they are ready to finish the process and are ready to respond. It is essential to have a thoughtful and well written letter that explains the process they will go through and what you will do for them. Families in this situation want answers and they want to know what their options are.

The fact that the home needs to be emptied out and prepared for a sale can be a gut wrenching job for the family. Going through the personal belongings is normally the job of the executor of the estate and they have to decide what is the best way to dispose of them. These things are not merely stuff but are the pieces of the deceased life. Sometimes, it is so difficult to clean out the house, that they will remain there for months. For many realtors who work with probate properties, they take over this task themselves as a part of the offer to sell the house.

For probate properties, letters perform the best. They can be personalized, professional and very sympathetic. They can be made to look handwritten and hand addressed and not mass produced. Your letter should be a reflection of how you feel about offering condolences before you offer your services.