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Advertising Secrets

My uncle was one of the “Mad Men” of the 50’s and 60’s. When I saw the television show for the first time, I couldn’t believe how well it captured the entire atmosphere of the Advertising World of the era. My uncle let us come to work with him on occasion and we watched products go through the process of being introduced to the masses. And today, I have realized that some things have never changed. Advertising one’s business or service has been around since time began and man made trades for his skills. Calligraphic signs, pictures (logos) and papyrus posters were the beginning of “getting the word out”. Over all of millenia, certain principals have remained the same and they still apply to advertising today. Here is a list of the basics in advertising that should help when you are designing a campaign. Remember that these are time tested and the backbone of advertising of all kinds.

Honesty is always the right way to go with any advertising campaign. Advertising claims have long been suspect, but with time, reputations are created and if you start a reputation with honest claims, then stay on track and grow the reputation as always being the company with the honest product and services.

Excellent service is a requirement in any business today. Companies that give great service become well known in a community. Great service comes in many forms, from an excellent offer, unique products to going out of their way to assist a customer. Free samples, bountiful return policies, and strong warranties are just a few ways to assure a customer’s return. But the strongest and most successful service is always greeting the customer with a smile.