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Postcards that Generate Leads for Realtors

Postcards are essential for a Direct Marketing Campaign.Their message is loud, short and to the point. With the right artwork, attractive font and succinct message, they are the most powerful piece of mailing material to send for success. But, sending a postcard is much more than just mailing a small piece of card stock. You have to know why you are sending it and what it is saying. Just like food, postcards have a few basic types. It all depends on who you are trying to reach to figure out which type of postcard will work for your campaign.

First, there are the Just Listed Postcards. These postcards announce homes that have just been listed on the MLS. They can be separated into groups by what type of home is listed and sent to the audience it will appeal to. A picture of the home on the front with details on the back are standard designs. Of course, the realtor contact information should be on both sides. These postcards should be sent out to the groups of people on your mailing lists that would be interested in such a house whether they are buying or selling. If they are selling, they can use the listing and a comparable. If they are buying, put them on a list to contact in a few days to see if they are interested in touring the home. Just Listed Postcards should only advertise the best homes available.
Naturally, the nest Postcards are the Just Sold cards. These are announcements for what you have just finalized. These are your shout out to your success at selling homes and you need to share these with everyone on all of your mailing lists. These announce that you are a trusted professional and will do an excellent job for clients of all kin