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Real Estate Marketing for Farms

Marketing to a region that is full of farms is no different than marketing to an area full of condominiums. You have simply selected an area or location that has these real estate possibilities. Being a specialist in the farming market is easy if you have a familiarity of the lifestyle and the economics of the business operations.

As a real estate representative for farmers wishing to sell, your physical area of representation will be much larger than a neighborhood developed within the city limits. And the density of farms is much less than that city subdivision! You will need to accept the fact that you will be driving acreage and miles. Some statics to consider before you take on this region is how many sales are there per year in this farm country and what will your marketing costs be. There will be higher costs for selling multi million dollar properties in a limited market. Your pool of buyers will be much lower than in that city subdivision and the turnover rate is miniscule! It is best if you have a broad knowledge of farming, possess a strong network of ag business contacts and understand the benefits of managing a piece of agricultural ground for future generations

To find buyers, you can create many different search avenues. It is important to know total acres, cultivatable acres, timber acres, pasture acres, pond sizes, etc. Other important characteristics may include irrigation. Many potential buyers will want to know when a well was installed, depth, pump size, casing size, and pumping capacity. Other important issues may include knowing the type, quantity, and value of timber on the property. A professional forester can evaluate your timber and give you an estimate on the type, quantity, and value.