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Prospects Open Your Envelope

The envelope of a mailer is the first door to your business. It must be inviting, warm and enticing just like the door to your business. You want prospects who receive this letter to be eager to open that envelope and see what is inside. You have just a split second to impress the prospect with the envelope before it goes into the trash. Creating curiosity is the key element that gets the envelope opened Provoke enough curiosity and they'll rip it open! So, how do you do it? It is the million dollar question, but we can provide a few suggestions in this blog.

A message should be on the front of the envelope right below the address. Make the message a one-liner with a bit of mystery. They have to open the envelope to get the answer and solve the mystery. Although you are looking for the prospect to respond the the mailer, at this point you just want them to open the envelope.

The back of the envelope is the area where the receiver opens the piece. Put an offer, a proposal or a bid on the back. Again, just one line can get the message across. Include a deadline so that it encourages a timely response.

Free is the word that get the best response. People will respond to anything if it is free! Use the word liberally! Free offer, free calendar, free consultation, free coffee are all lead ins to open and envelope.

Put a question on the envelope that makes the receiver say “What?” Curiosity will win in this scenario as the answer will be found inside and the envelope has to be opened! If you ask if they have some sort of problem to be solved such as help financially or with moving, this can provoke one to seek answers!

Make sure that when making a one line statement, that it is true and to the point. There is nothing like watching a preview only to see the movie and being terribly disappointed. Don’t disappoint your prospects with a bad preview.

Your one line message on the envelope should give directions on what to do next. “Open”, “Look Inside”, “Need your advice” can all be used to get the receiver to open the envelope. These phrases are used often and are very popular because they really do work and people respond when you tell them how!

Just like all of your direct mail marketing, you have to keep track of what kind of envelope you are sending out and how it is working. Send out different envelopes at different times and see which ones work with the most amount of responses. Tweak them as you go. As stated earlier, your objective is to get leads and then sales. You need to be open to changes. Don’t change the envelope drastically with each new tweak. Only change one thing at a time so that it is easier to track. Try changing the size of the envelope one time and the color the next. Change the mes