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Branding Direct Mail for Realtors

Branding does not just mean that you put a hot stick against a cow’s rump to make a design on their skin. Branding is a part of marketing that is essential to any business big or small, new or old. Branding tells the world who and what you are and what your business is all about. According to Wikipedia, a brand is “is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.” Branding involves both marketing and the right communication methods to distinguish your business from all the others out there. Branding creates an impression on your clients or customers. You are known for something very special. Branding can be fun and interesting when you have all of the elements working together. Logos and trademarks, product or service identity, awareness, brand management strategies and loyalty are the pieces that must be created and nurtured. If there is no branding, then your business is just a ghost and there is no identity. It is imperative that your business stand out from all of the others in your field in order to succeed. You want people to relate to you and support your business.The following are a few steps that you can take to develop a brand and create an identity that your customers will recognize and support.

First, and foremost, in the world of branding and identity, a Logo is the significant starting point. The Logo must state everything that your company is all about. Your Logo is the definition of you and your business, its values, quality, integrity and anything that helps a customer immediately recognize you. Developing the perfect Logo will take a good look at what your company is all about and then a good look at your competitors and their branding. You need to find the differences between you and them. What makes you different? What is completely unique about you? What is your approach to our business? Are you straight forward, highly creative, fun loving, whimsical or a classic? Who is your audience and how do you want them to see you? Is your audience an entire population or one section of a demographic? Answer these questions and you should have a basic outline of your individual brand!

Once you have your Logo designed either by you or by a designer, you have to tell the world that you exist. You will need to promote your brand based upon the Logo. And then can be done with posts on all of your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are the platforms that you need to create a company page. The top banner is where you place your Logo for all to see. Then, place it in your profile picture. Everytime you post a comment on your page or on others, your logo comes up as your profile picture. When people start recognizing your Logo, you will have started a following for your brand. Public recognition and identity is your goal to spreading the word about your business. You want people to have a high opinion of your services or product. You want them to find your business more desirable than your competitor and purchase from you.

Your Logo and your brand must now be carried over from social media to all of your print materials. From your business card to your letterhead, the Logo must dominate. Every piece of direct mail marketing whether it is a brochure or a postcard, should have the design with your Logo in a prominent position. You must keep it out there in advertising pieces, on television commercials and on all signage from the side of your car to a billboard. You have to keep your audience engaged. The public can be a fickle bunch and it is very necessary to keep your image, your brand, your Logo out there at all times.

You will need promotions that are not only fun and memorable but very entertaining to grow your brand. You will be in a constant state of keeping your customers hooked on you. You will need to run promotions that reward your customer. Offer contests or downloads and even coupons. Give them benefits for bringing new customers or referrals. Post videos that they can learn from and ebooks or webinars. Always display excellent customer service and immediate problem solving as that information gets shared more often than other benign postings. Encourage and reward loyalty and keep your presence visible everywhere. Branding is always an ongoing process of any business. It can change and evolve but it must remain solid. Your image or brand is you and it grows and matures just as