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Calls to Action for Real Estate Leads

A Call to Action is the reason you invest in marketing. A Call to Action to your customers, clients or prospects is a call to do something. Whether you want them to call you, write you, email, download or attend, a Call to Action is the first step for converting someone into a lead. The trick to creating a powerful Call to Action is to find the right thing that they are going to respond. You want them to take a step with your business. The following are a few suggestions to boost your lead generation numbers with some tactics for creating Call to Actions.

First, a good Call to Action provides something of value. Something of worth to your client or customer in their category of interest is what you have to design. If your niche is first time home buyers, send out downloadable content that explains financing or credit fixing. Invite them to a seminar or sign up for a webinar. Have them sign up for a newsletter or a consultation for putting together a financial package. Whatever you offer, make sure that your audience will think of it as valuable. Test all of your Calls to Action with a variety of offers and see which one generates the highest number of leads,

In order for a person to respond to your Call to Action, they need to understand what they are responding to. Double check that the headline of your response form is concise and accurate. It should be a statement that is vigorous and alluring. At the same time simple enough to not mistake the motive or the value. Give them a time limit so that you can control continuing content. When someone knows that there is a limited amount of product or a short window of time to respond, they have a tendency to not wait and react upon a first read.

Only offer one or two Calls to Action at a time. No one wants to be overwhelmed with choices. Studies have shown that a few choices are less overwhelming and they are more likely to respond when the presentation is simplified. Make one Call to Action the predominate one and the other is a separate but complementary offer.

When composing your Call to Action, write the statement to sound like you are standing in front of the reader. Use a first-person approach. Use the word “I” as in “ I want to” in the action words. Try to stay away from words that come from you giving the directions such as “you can now”. This give the person responding to the Call to

Action ownership of signing up, down loading or attending an event

The block or square or button that you use for your Call to Action should be very noticeable on the page that the action takes place. There should be no doubt where to go to sign up. Perhaps make it the only color on a black and white text page. It should be bold. Different colors can make people respond or not also. Test the colors in various pages on your website and see what response you get from what color.

The layout of the website page or the postcard or direct mail piece can dictate where the Call to Action button or box should go. Above the fold on a letter or the upper corners of a postcard, the box statistically will get a better response. Again, test different positions in different mailings and see what position wins with leads.