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Writing Direct Mail Writing Campaigns

Direct Mail is the most effective way to reach your audience. No matter what anyone tries to tell you about how terrific online marketing is, Direct Mail still has the best return on your dollars. Bright colors, standout photos, artistic pictures and unusual sizes are all perfect for catching the eye of the recipient in the mailbox. But the real moment that grabs a prospect is what you say in the headline and the content. Your copy is what will determine if someone will convert their reading to a sale. Convincing the reader that they need to open the envelope and then take action, takes some skill and a bit of imagination. The following is a list of ideas that can help make a conversion happen with great writing in your Direct Mail pieces..

Start off with a bang! State the most important information right in the beginning. All great novels start off with the hook in the very first line or sentence. What is your mailer about? Tell your audience. Be honest and straightforward. Then, later in your informational piece, you can get into further detail. No one wants to read for endless paragraphs about silly little nothings to get to the point of the letter or postcard.

Design the layout of the letter or postcard to be able to be read or scanned in just seconds. If it is business mail and not a personal letter, people look for the piece in a flash to see if they can figure out what the subject matter is. If it catches their interest in that flash of a scan, they will go back and read it for further details. Use bullet points and bold typeface to highlight the main subjects. Number a list. Use short paragraphs and simple sentences. Try subheadlines for different topics.