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Offering Free Consultations

You have offered prospects a calendar, a notebook, a virtual tour and your friendship. But, now you have to offer them something that will grab their interest in you to help them sell their home. You offer a Free Consultation. Free Consultations will entice a prospect to call you after you have sent them a Direct Mail invitation. It could come by way of a coupon or a free token or just an interesting letter and it should have a time limit for such a great deal.

Offering an evening visit to a prospects home so that you can share your advice about the selling of their home should be easy enough. You are simply assessing their situation to get the best dollar for their home with a few suggestions from you, the expert. Your purpose is to make the connection and show off your expertise and the ability to guide the prospect through the process of selling a home. Offering Free Consultations work in attracting new clients for several reasons. First, they are very good for direct mail campaigns and their return results. Next, they are Free and we all know how people like Free things! Plus, you really are consulting for free with no obligation to the prospect. Then, there is the fact that a consultation gets you right in front of a real person. There is no need to impress with just words from mailers. You are sitting in their home and developing a relationship. The prospect will tell you what they need, what their problems are and what expectations they have. You no longer need to guess that you are hitting your demographic correctly. Because you are right there on their couch and you get to show off your experience and your knowledge. You must showcase your experience with every problem and its solution and highlight your history with examples of your success. You are also taking note of the information on your prospects. Their data is important for future prospects needs and your marketing campaigns and lists. Prospects will often provide you with more information in their own home than they would on an information card.

When you use a Free Consultation offer in your direct mail campaign, design the letter or the coupon in bold fonts with stand out graphics ensuring that there is no way for the receiver to miss the visual of the offer. Perhaps, a Free Consultation card enclosed in the direct mail letter would make it stand out instead of being a part of all the other graphics in a letter. Put a direct-to-you phone number and email on the card and a distinct line that says “no obligation”. Include a time limit that is for a short period of time as you want them to respond now. Your offer needs to create value and excitement in order for a prospect to respond.

To be successful in real estate you have to be able to do more than just close the deal. You need to effectively manage and grow a small business. That means finding clients, keeping them, and motivating them to buy or sell. We at Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, help build quality lead pipelines through consistent marketing and client relationship management. We will help you customize and send marketing materials that are written and designed to connect with today’s consumer. We use high quality printing to create new business opportunities or print full color property flyers to promote your listings at home. We will send drip email, direct mail or Multi-Channel campaigns with our pre-built real estate marketing materials. We will create content including listing flyers or monthly newsletters. We will help you consider the various types of homeowners when determining the type of content to use in your direct mail campaign: Probate owners, Absentee owners, FSBOs, Expired and withdrawn listings and owner-occupied.

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