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Apps for Realtors

Today, Apps, or applications, are your walking filesystem, secretary, and best friend. They organize your life, time manage your schedule, and make life so much easier. There are apps for general use and then there are others that are developed just to make the Real Estate Industry move smoother and more quickly just for you. The following is a list of apps that many agents use to keep their businesses in order while on the go!

Evernote stores information. And it stores the information for eternity. If you need to reference something from five years ago, you can find it in your Evernote app. It lets you put things into categories and is designed for note taking, organizing, tasks lists, and archiving. You can store the information and never lose it.

Google Keep is another app that will store your information but it is a bit more basic than Evernote. You can choose who you share your articles, notes and writings with. It allows you to collaborate with others in projects and can be used in “real time”.

Dropbox allows you to digitize your work and then share it. It is an excellent app for important paperwork. You store and edit documents on any computer, tablet, or phone and then you can share these with your clients so that processing goes faster. They fill out the forms and then you will be able to upload the completed paperwork to their personalized folder and store it in the app.