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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat to Reach Customers

Nothing happens overnight! Or so my bosses always said as we were working on business proposals. It takes time to develop, nurture and build your client list and your business impact. Marketing your business to prospects and clients is more than just sending out a postcard or a letter.

You must figure out what process of contact you want to develop and then stick with it. Direct Mail, Postcards, Yellow Letters are all choices to make in your avenue of connection. You have to be consistent and committed to which process you want to use. You will need to research the data on your target audience whether Postcards or Letters work better for a long term campaign. If you keep contacting and contacting and contacting your prospects with the same type of mailer you will see large increases in response numbers. And that is the secret to reaching customers.

It is a well know fact in the Direct Mail Marketing world that it takes between 9 to 12 mailings before your target audience will respond. Whether they have collected all of the previous mailings and saved them for a rainy day or that the timing of each of the previous mailings was not exactly right, the fact that they have finally responded is worth the effort.The market is a very crowded one and your mailing voice is one among many. Getting the receiver’s attention is not easy. You have to be open to the repeat factor and sometimes add just one little spark to each mailing to get the interest fire lit. But, you should never change your message during a mailing campaign. By repeating your message over and over again, you will make an impression and the prospect will remember you and your business.

If you make a slight change to your mailing piece after the fourth sending effort, it will catch the eye of the receiver who is used to seeing it the old way. It is still familiar but just a bit different. Curiosity suddenly provokes them to read the mailer in more detail. Try a new twist to the color or the pictures and artwork after every fourth mailing. Repeatedly sending the mailer makes the prospect familiar with the pieces and making a change triggers a reminder of the old and intrigue with the new changes. Make sure that any changes take place across all other efforts from your website to social media to all of the print pieces. Each change gives you an indication what works to get receivers to respond and on what platforms. This gives you an idea where your prospects spends their research time to get their information.

Campaigns are planned over a long period of time. Send mailers out on a schedule and keep track of the details and the responses, both the numbers and the inquiries subject matter. Don’t let long periods of time lapse between mailings. Be consistent with the schedule. A once a month mailing at the same time of the month is a fairly easy method to keep up.

To be successful with your marketing campaign you have to do more than just close the deal. You need to effectively manage and grow a small business. That means finding clients, and keeping them and consistently adding to and building your clientele. We at Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, will help you customize and send marketing materials that are written and designed to connect with today’s consumer. Drip Email marketing is an efficient and cost effective way to leverage your company’s growth potential. Automated email advertisements are scheduled to be sent out on specific timelines. This is a powerful way to gain new customers. Ultimately, success through Drip Email Marketing often comes down to timing. Drip email is great because it allows customers to not only receive new updates but also older ones that were written before they subscribed. By using an array of triggers, customers can be more accurately targeted.