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Drive More Traffic To Your Site And Increase Your Profits With SEO

SEO or search engine optimization, can be a strategy that can get you traffic to your website and leads for your business. Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. A customer who gets to your website from the first or second page of a search engine, will stay longer on your site and read more information and buy your product. SEO visitors average conversion rate is around 14.6%. Facebook and Google Ads convert at about 1.6%. This type of traffic can help your marketing and bring in more leads. The following are some tools and ideas to make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work for you and your business.

First, who is the person you want involved in your business? Who is your target audience? What age group are they in? What are their interests and what type of home are they generally looking for? Internet marketing allows you to narrow down who you want to point your business to and how to approach them. You will need to continue to answer questions about this audience in order to get your focus finely tuned to the exact person. Figure out what your general target audience looks for on social media. And take notice of what that group shares as information. Their demographics should be paid attention to beyond just age. They may all have a type of interest such as sailing or golf or they could have the arts or small home living in common. When you answer these questions and more, you will see a website beginning to form. You want to attract these people, your people, to find you and your website. These questions and answers will determine the attractions you will promote.

Next, you need Words in your content that trigger search engines to attract Your People. There are Commercial Keywords - words or phrases that indicate a person is looking to buy something- such as “Homes near [Neighborhood]” or “Best Realtor for Downsizing”. These search words point out that someone knows the area they are looking for a home and what type of home. These people will be easy to convert but you are not the only one out there using this same technique so the competition for this lead will be high.

Then, you can use Informational Keywords These words come from the questions that you have concluded your target audience will ask about their home search. You will find these prospects by giving them the information they need. Your website can handle a vast amount of information and an offer for you to help them even more. You can cultivate people as they seek answers and even offer them the ability to sign up for seminars, consultations and to be on your email mailing list for future and breaking news. Continuous information with great content using these keywords will convert prospects and drive your sales. There are many keyword search sites available that can give you an idea where a word or phrase is standing in popularity and volume of searches per month. But going for the popular words will get you lost in the crowd. You will want to use words or phrases that are on subject but just a bit different to help you stand out.

Content on your website is the next task for SEO. You will need photographs and engaging content. Keep in mind that people have gone to your website to be informed about a subject they were seeking information. Give advice or instructions for new tools to solve their issues.The photos that you use should be intriguing as posts with great photos get shared more often than those with no pictures at all. Posts th