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Find Leads For Home Buyer and Renters

Sometimes, the most obvious thing is right in front of your nose! Need leads? Find the renters! Renters are gathered together in apartment complexes, duplexes, mom and dad’s basement and online. There is a huge opportunity to transition a renter into a home buyer right in front of your nose! Marketing to this group can be easy if you know what will entice them away from that apartment with the closet kitchen and bathroom.
Renters rent for lots of reasons. And those reasons are so vast that you may not be able to market to them all. You will have to figure out what the reasons are for their renting a home or apartment instead of owning a home, and then design a marketing avenue that targets them specifically. Some of the reasons that they rent could be because they are new to an area and then want to rent while they get to know their new town. Then, there are those who think that they cannot afford a home or that they don’t have much for a down payment. And then there are those who have been renting forever, are ready to own and just haven’t found the right opportunity yet.
Where are these renters and how do you approach them. There are companies out there that will provide you a list of renters that are most likely to buy a home in a certain area. These people fit the categories of location and income, type of home they are currently renting and their marital status. You can ask your local insurance agents who will have a list of their customers who buy renters insurance. Your local MLS will have a list of addresses of homes that have been rented the last year and they are full of tenants!