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Target Renters and They Will Respond

Direct Mailing a Renter with a series of Postcards that are designed to produce interest in buying a home is easy peasy! When the Renter responds with a long list of questions, be ready with a professional report that eases the nerves that comes with making such a big life decision. Then, consistently follow up with more information until your Renter becomes a Buyer!

Start your marketing plan to attract Renters as prospects by mailing them a series of postcards and letters offering a free report. When they respond by asking for the report, call them and confirm their address and phone number and email address. This is where the trust and friendship will begin. Get the report out to them immediately and call them back within three days to make sure they received the report. Offer more advice. Get a bit more information about them. Build the relationship.

Follow up every week and a half or at least once a month. Keep track of where your prospect is in their journey to buying a house. Offer credit help or financing solutions. Invite them to look at homes that are on the MLS that fit their criteria. Keep building that trust and relationship and assure them that you are always available.

Remember that converting a Renter to a Buyer takes time. You need to plan over the long haul and if your prospects seem to stand off from decisions or your offerings, don’t let up. You want to build that relationship so that when they are ready to make the leap, you are the first and only one they think of. Numbers will also play a big part of the plan. 500 postcards will normally mean that 10 to 20 will respond asking for the report. But then you send 500 again to the same addresses and each time the number of respondents will increase. With repeated attempts over time, you will see a 30 to 40% response rate. That is 200 new responding prospects that you are developing relationships!

Although it sounds a little overwhelming, the 200 will convert at different times. You can count on some converting easily and quickly. Others will convert with consistent follow up. Over a period of six months, you should see at least 8 conversions a month. But, you have to be consistent with your mailings and most certainly, your follow up phone calls. Mail every month and spend one day a week all day doing nothing but phone calls. Your success will be found in those numbers.

Instead of sending the same old-same old each month, send your Renters an article about the local market. The next month, send them a letter talking about the new financing rules. Next, send another article about another subject and then a letter or brochure with furniture ideas or decorating differences between a house and an apartment. Then go back to the original postcard again. Repeat this schedule for the next six months! This mailing process is the fundamental base of Direct Mail.

To be successful with your marketing campaign you have to do more than just close the deal. You need to effectively manage and grow a small business. That means finding clients, and keeping them and consistently adding to and building your clientele. We, at Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, will help you customize and send marketing materials that are written and designed to connect with today’s consumer. We use high quality printing to create new business opportunities or print full color property flyers to promote your listings at home. We will send drip email, direct mail or Multi Channel campaigns.The more often a potential client sees your marketing material, the more likely they are to remember you! Having a tangible item for your customers to have in their hand is often superior to e-mail marketing. They can stick it on their fridge or put it on their desk. These items have staying power and will likely be seen multiple times; constantly increasing chances of new clients. Incorporate your company’s logo and graphic design style into the mailer to leave a lasting impression on potential clients. By keeping your brand consistent across all marketing efforts, people are more likely to remember and choose you for their business!

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