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Simple Social Media Tips for Artists

Artists, Actors, Musicians and the self employed all know that their product that they sell is themselves. Sometimes, it feels odd to sell your talent that creates a product! But, learning how to market yourself is essential in order to succeed. And in today’s world, the number one place to market yourself/talent/business is on Social Media. No matter what your talent is and no matter what the product outcome is, there are a few basics that everyone needs to implement for a successful marketing campaign. The following is a basic list of everyday “to dos” in order to be seen and heard and for yourself/talent/business to succeed.

Probably more important than any other task on social media posting, you must be consistent. You must post regularly and stick to the subject. Find out what your followers respond to and what they like by keeping track of the likes and shares and cater to those people. If they like it, they will buy it. You need to give them value for their input and reactions. Have an understanding of what your followers are looking for. Being consistent is one of those things that will grow trust and a base of expectations. But, your fans should always be a bit surprised and wowed at what you post, but don’t go too far outside your style or they might get confused by too much of a change. Consistency in postings and style are required!

When you have created a calendar of subjects to post on all of your social media platforms, make your content go further by posting it in pieces. Just like a do-it-yourself project, things happen in steps. So, post step one today, step two tomorrow and so on. Add pictures for each step and build anticipation for the next posting. You can literally dedicate a full month to one subject matter and get into it very deeply.

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