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Color Impact Sales

I am a Color person! I shun grey and tan. I adore purple, red and green! And I will buy anything neon orange! If you don’t think about color often and leave it up to the “artists types”, then this blog may surprise you. Color affects everything. Grey brings to mind a muted rainy day. It may bring on the blues. Green and red together brings a Christmas mood full of anticipation and holiday spirit. Silver and purple are regal and green is new birth. Color influences your customers, too. When designing your marketing materials, you must pay attention to color and to your color choices.

Color contrast is very important in order to read your material. All of your color combination choices should be high contrast and easy to read. Choose lower contrast tone on tone combinations for less important content, so that it intentionally fades into the background.

Color is proven to have an impact on mood. An example would be the color orange. It has been scientifically proven to increase oxygen to the brain, which is part of the reason it’s a color associated with energy and enthusiasm. The color blue causes an association with blue skies, indicating stability and security. Blue is a safe, non-stormy sky color. Green is the most soothing color. It is used in high stress areas, like hospital operating rooms. Purple is a courageous and regal color and is used in marketing pieces that want to convey an authoritative message. Red is the color of passion and speed. It is often used in restaurants to stimulate hunger. Black is aggressive. Grey is seen as passive and objective. Bright shades are energetic, while cooler, muted shades are soothing and restful. The shades and tones of a particular color has an impact on emotions and moods too.