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Direct Mail with Facebook Equals Results

Sometimes, it takes an odd coupling to make things sensible! Direct Mail and Facebook are one of those couples! But they work very well together and can increase your results for prospects and clients. Integrating your marketing methods can be more powerful together than alone. Facebook remains the dominant online marketing platform for getting the right message to your target audience. But, getting them to be responsive and engaging is something else. The interactive nature of Facebook allows for greater brand engagement and this is especially key to really driving your message more effectively and to larger audiences than you’d be able to reach through traditional direct mail advertising alone.

The power of integrating your direct mail campaigns with Facebook rests with the ability to match your direct mail contacts with Facebook accounts.This allows you to convey your messages directly on social media pages as well as through conventional mail. It doubles the impact and boosts your response rates without costing you any extra money on postage. Integrating traditional direct mail marketing with Facebook marketing is very handy. The following are a few ways that can help you blend your direct mail campaigns with your Facebook pages.

First, add your Facebook page address to all of your mailers. Just like you include your address, phone number and email address, add your Facebook URL to the list. Include the address on your website, business cards, email newsletter and on your letterhead.

Most direct mail campaigns have a landing page back on the website. Share the campaign’s landing page in your Facebook posts and updates. Landing pages are great conversation pieces on Facebook and can get quite a thread started! Ask questions of your responders. Get feedback and send them to your signup pages. Promote your direct mailing information on your Facebook page and you will reach more people and double your client list!

And then do the process in reverse, Drive people from your website to Facebook from the landing page! Just make sure that you landing page has a link to your Facebook page. The trip from one to the other should be seamless. Connect all the dots because it doesn’t matter whether the user first connects to you with a direct mailer, a Facebook posting or the landing page on your website, there should always be an easy flow from one to the other so that it is simple for all involved.

Next, a really important task is to make sure that your landing pages and your Facebook posts are all shareable. Social media is all about sharing. Make the landing page shareable by adding your Facebook buttons to the page and then users can share it with just one click.

The best part of the integration of Facebook and direct mail is the fact that you are able to measure your results. With Facebook insights, you are able to measure the ROI and track the progress of your campaign accurately and in detail.

And finally, some statistics to consider for a marketing campaign that combines