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Getting Clients

Getting clients for your business, no matter what your business, can be a full time job in itself. Whether you are a long time business owner, a freelancer or a start up, you have to figure out how to get people interested in your product or your service on a consistent basis so that you can make ends meet. You know you have a product, artwork, a service or a special talent that everyone loves when they see it, but getting people to see it and then converting that into people wanting it can be the basic challenge. We know that your true talent lies in that product or art piece or the service, so you need to be forgiven for not having the greatest talent in getting clients. But with a few tweaks and a bit of know how, you can get clients running into your door. The following is a basic list of what you can do to get those people, make them happy and put regular money into your pocket.

First, simplify everything! No one has time today for complications. Both you and your prospective client are too busy to fill out a hundred forms and answer questionnaires by the boatload. The client wants to know what you can do for them in the easiest and fastest way. They do not want to be involved in a long, drawn out process. Get to the point and do it fast.

On your side of things, you want clients who are going to make a decision just as easily and as quickly. You don’t have time for the proverbial tire kickers. They either buy your product, your piece of art or your service or they don’t! NEXT! as they say at the DMV. The YES people are the ones that energize and fuel your business.

What you need for that energy and fuel is an excellent offer that you make to a solid email list and then dedicate time to following up. Any other complication, pause or hesitation is just distraction. Mov