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Postcard Marketing for Every Kind of Business

Postcards are simple, easy to read, colorful, interesting and full of vital information. Plus, with the right artwork and a stand out message, they convey exactly what you want the receiver to do. Everyone uses digital marketing today. Websites, email, picture posting and announcement making on social media, the US postal service and its far reaching contact can get set aside. But the US postal service is about history; it is stable and dependable; it is believed in and counted on. AND, with everyone using up the internet, the mailbox is not so crowded any longer. So, what better way to reach a potential customer or client than with a bright, colorful and fun postcard! I have collected postcards for years. They give a short little history of ones excitement and activities while on vacation. They give teary farewells and gigantic announcements. And they give a short look into our history. Lucky for everyone these days, postcards are out of the collectors bins at the local antique mall and are now experiencing a revival as business owners re-discover their powerful charms to deliver results.

Postcards are a simple, low-cost sales tool that are easier to use than ever. They can pack a powerful punch for millions of small and local businesses. Even big companies and major universities are using colorful and often oversized postcards to announce their products, their services, special offers and their brands.The postcard has taken on new prominence as the anti internet marketing marvel. People are paying attention to postcards that they receive in the mail, and are responding to offers at high rates than ever. Postcards have a higher “read rate” than other direct mail because they are easier to read at a glance and there’s no envelope to open.

Postcards are quickly created without having to break the bank. And, you can create a postcard campaign in a short period of time with a huge impact. You can send them out to exact areas to lists either of your own making or ones that you buy from mailing services. These rates are highly competitive and you can get your cards printed and mailed in just a few days.

Before you get started, there are a few things to consider so that you get the most response from your postcard marketing endeavor.
First, plan your entire campaign ahead of time. Figure out what the purpose is about. What will grab people’s attention. And what is the value of the campaign for both you and the recipient.
Next, find artwork or graphics that are eye catching and colorful. It is important that the recipient notices your postcard and wants to read it! Use high-quality photos or other striking images, graphics and colors.
Develop a message that is simple, one that can be read in a glance. Postcards can have a lot of words on them, especially if they are oversized. But, your design needs to have the message stand out with just a few words, but the most important words ever!
Headlines can say it all. Make them short and in bold bright letters. Avoid putting too much information all over the card so it looks jumbled up. That is a sure way for the postcard to end up in the trash. Don’t try to explain everything, and be sure to include multiple ways to contact you.
Postcards are great to use for a time limited event. A special event, an opening, anniversary, or a short sale are perfect for postcards. They can get the announcement out quickly and specifically and in time to meet a deadline.
Postcards should always be designed so that each side has a message and an impact on the receiver. The side with NO address is the side with the boldest design. It is the main message carrier so the boldest artwork and graphics should appear here. The address side is the reinforcement side. This side should carry your offer, contact information and other details.