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Postcard Advertising Starters

Newspapers have all but disappeared in their original format. Television is an expensive tool and radio is not very local in its orientation any more. Yes, they are all advertising vessels, but are these choices the best use of your advertising dollars? There are many ways to advertise your business, including the internet social media sites, video platforms and in interest groups. Because of modern technological advances, no one has to sit through a television commercial anymore. You can just fast forward the 30 second spot. Radio gives you the ability to change channels at the push of a button so that you don’t have to listen to advertising. And newspapers can now be found on line. So, where do you find new clients and customers? All of the traditional advertising methods can not guarantee that your targeted audience will even find you and then respond. But, direct-mail marketing can save the day! It is still one of the best ways to promote your company or service. And that is because it allows you to target your audience. Direct Mail postcards are the best of the best in getting in touch with your market and they are extremely economical and have a large return on investment (ROI) value. The following is a list of ways to get your direct mail postcard in front of the right customer and see a high ROI.

The benefits of direct-mail postcards are vast. But, the best feature is that the postcard goes directly to the people that you want to entice with your product/company/ service. Your postcards are delivered only to prospects that fit a certain demographic. And, more than likely through your research, this particular group of prospects, want and need exactly what you are offering. And the best part of postcards as a direct mail marketing tool, is that they do not need to be opened, folded or stuffed! You can grab the receiver’s attention the moment they take it out of the mailbox. They are the least expensive of all of direct-mail marketing pieces and they have a high response rate. All of these characteristics add up to postcards being the perfect direct mail product..

The next element of using direct mail postcards is choosing your audience. You need to define who that audience is before you even design your postcard. You will need to find a common thread amongst all of your prospects, whether it is age, gender, income or location, and then you can design a card that is not only appropriate to those demographics, but also intrigues them enough to respond to the postcard offering. You will need to develop or buy a mailing list with these people’s names and addresses so that you can send them more information as time goes on. The right mailing list will account for nearly half of your campaign success.

Your offer is the key to your postcard campaign! Now that you know who your audience is, it is time to tempt them with your offer. You need to grab the attention of their hopes and needs. Solve their problems. Create a new vision of their future. Offer them something that will make them feel good! Postcards may not close the deal with a simple mailing, but they will bring people in the door. Offer a coupon or a giveaway, a special opening or a gift. Use the postcard to get them inside and then you can WOW them with your charm (and offer). Your offer needs to appeal to the largest portion of your demographics. So keep their characteristics in mind when designing the postcard.

The design and the copy on your postcard are extremely important. When a receiver opens the door on their mailbox, you want your postcard to literally POP out of the pile of mail. Your design should be clean and colorful. You should use artwork or photos that are distinct and interesting. The images should create feelings of excitement. They should be a part of your product/service/company branding. Your logo should also be used on both sides of the postcard and not be hidden within the rest of the art. Each postcard should represent a marketing theme. This way it will be easier to pick photos or art. The text on your postcard should be designed so that it can be read in just a glance. It needs to be to the point and concise. Create a call to action one liner and make it powerful. The call to action is what motivates the receiver of the postcard to act right now. Tell them to call