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Landing page Ideas

A Landing Page is like walking into a grocery store and only going to the bread aisle. You don’t need all of the other stuff in the store, just the bread. A Landing page acts the same way. You have your whole website and many pages. But, you want a customer or client to really concentrate on one page in particular. So, you give them the directions (URL link) to just that page. They can wander around to the other pages, but you want them to “land” on a particular landing page. Your main website gives visitors an overview of what your business does A landing page is focused on one single action that you want your visitors to achieve and that is the call to action.

Creating the right kind of landing page can be a bit tricky. First, you want to have a high converting page where people will be so intrigued that they will respond immediately. You want to keep everything on the page very simple and easy to read. Use pictures related to just the landing page subject. Keep the subject matter just about the subject. Don’t put things on the page, such as links, that have anything to do with other pages or sites. Don’t overload them with too much content because you want landing pages to load very quickly.

A landing page should answer questions. It should solve a customer’s problem. It should state how your company/product/service is different than others. And it should very clearly state your message. Your headline on the page should say it all. Most people ONLY read the headline so it has to convey everything you want to say. Graphics or video should present the product or service and should be large enough to catch the eye with a glance. Include a very noticeable call to action box so that the visitor knows that they need to respond now. And most important, the landing page should point out the benefits of your service.

The following is a short list of some landing page ideas to create traffic. These ideas can be implemented whether you are in the middle of an advertising campaign or just everyday regular marketing of your business.

Create an Ebook or a guidebook that pertains to your company or business. Ebooks can spread your ideas, build your email list, and grow your profits. Write the book to solve one tough problem, and leave people with a solution that will give them immediate results. Focus on your prospects needs Highlight the benefits of your publication. Make the ebook 3-12 pages long and Include a call to action at the end. Encourage people to spread the ebook freely and share it.

Create a landing page dedicated to Webinars. These are very effective ways to capture leads and followers and convert them into paying customers. Webinars can establish you as an expert in your field and grow your influence in your industry.

Develop a landing page that is dedicated to upcoming events. Promote anything that you have organized for the months ahead. Have a sign up box and a way to sell tickets. Keep people excited as the time gets closer by putting more promotions on the page.