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Small Business Postcard Campaigns

Anyone who has started their own business, knows the pain of the budget. You are in the middle of a dilemma of spending money to make money. And the question of where to best spend your marketing money is ongoing. Postcard direct mail campaigns can be a perfect answer and be cost effective too! Like all marketing strategies, there are some tricks that you should know when it comes to the design, copy and offers to get a new customer to respond and buy from your bright shiny business.

Technically, any postcard campaign depends on the type of your business and your customer. There are some basics that cross over to all businesses. Large companies have learned these same basics and use them over and over again. You can use the same marketing tricks that the “biggies” use. You can just follow their methods and see what is working and then use the successful strategies over and over again.

Create a postcard that takes the receiver directly to your website. This trick has been shown to be the most effective direct-marketing technique of all. Marketing your business online can produce traffic, but postcard marketing can target the exact customer that you are looking for. Postcards can get to the people who t already want what you're selling. Send a postcard with a great offer and a special URL to visit or a special coupon code to use to redeem the offer. Many of the big retailers use this trick in their weekly marketing to drive traffic and response to their door.

Use large feature boxes on the cover of your postcard explaining the benefits of shopping at your store or using your services. Try an invitation to promote in-store sales and other events. Include a coupon that is redeemable on special event dates so you can track response. Treat your prospects as VIPs to get attention quickly, and make sure they know when, where and how to redeem your offer. These should be your call to action.

Postcards as thank-you cards are the best way to encourage repeat business. Customers and clients love to feel valued and that their business is appreciated. Postcards are a trick that can make everyone feel special. For even more impact, include a VIP customer coupon on your postcard, which will also help you track the return on your campaign.

Always ask for referrals on your postcards. People like to tell others about their good experiences so ask your current customers for referrals to others who would benefit from your products and services. Then, in return, offer a special discount. Offer a discount to both the referring person and the new lead.

Send a newsletter postcard which lets you feature two or three small articles each month. Print one feature on the back and two others on the front for maximum impact. Or, just print the headlines of your articles with the first sentence and then the URL to your landing page for the newsletter.

Postcards are a great eye-catching, tangible marketing tool, formatted to your specific preferences and needs, with endless customization in a multitude of sizes – regular, oversized, and custom cut. We at Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, can create colorful, attention-grabbing designs with your images, logo, and any content you’d like to include – using your own design or one created uniquely for you by our talented and experienced designers. Postcards give a marketing advantage because they allow room for brief, targeted content; they’re an easy read, meaning less of a chance a client will get bored reading it, and no need to worry about open rates. Capture prospects’ attention through the visibility of a customized, colorful postcard in their mailbox and watch your response rates soar!

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