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Every Door Direct Mail-Who Should Use It?

Getting the word out about your business can be done in a very affordable manner by using Every Door Direct Mail. It directs your mail easily and very effectively. Every door direct mail is a program that is offered by the US Postal Service. It has a discounted postage rate per piece and it is done without a mailing list. This program was designed so that it could help businesses attract new customers at a discounted rate and without a mailing permit. Every door direct mail has a mapping tool that lets you figure out your own mailing delivery area and map your mail audience by age, income and household size. You can target the group that is best suited to your product or business services. Corporate shops like pizza and burger places use this means of communication with coupons every couple of weeks sending to an area within five miles of their shops. Every door direct mail saves you from buying mailing lists and analyzing the demographics of a large area.You just pick your delivery area with the USPS mapping tool and it will mail to your specific target audience.

Small businesses frequently use every door direct mail to reach an entire zip code area especially around their place of business. This type of marketing tool can help you reach a location without having to buy an address list. You can find new customers close by and cater to their needs as it pertains to this area. You can help build a community with your offerings. You can also drive traffic not only to your business but also to your website with the right type of mailer. You can easily promote special events and even offers that are good for the neighborhood friends. Promoting new products or services are excellent uses for every door direct mail. Think of this as being the core communications component for the entire area surrounding your business!

You can send out a minimum of 200 pieces all the way to 5000 pieces in a single zip code per day! And all of those pieces go directly to your potential customers or clients! And you didn’t have to spend time or research dollars to find their vital information. And just about every business benefits from every door direct mail. Restaurants, storage facilities, gyms, auto repair shops, florists, shoe repair, embroidery services, car washes, and even grocery stores all direct their marketing efforts to those who live closest to their operations. These types of mailers also work well with an older crowd who may not use the internet as their main mode of communication. Holding a real book or a real piece of paper feels comforting to many!

Deciding what you want to send out to prospective customers or clients in a particular area should depend on what you want to communicate. If you are going to send out mailings to a couple of different zip codes, make the mailers a bit different from each other so you can track the results of both. You just have to identify your target area by city, neighborhood, or a specified distance from your business. Find mail routes that match your target area.Then, choose a design and print options, and schedule mail delivery. Once your mail pieces are received at the Post Office where you drop them off, they are typically delivered within a few business days.

There are a couple of things to consider with every door direct mail that are on the negative side. Since you will be delivering mail to every address in a particular zip code area, and you don’t have to address each and every envelope or even pay for the mailing list, the postage is a bit more if you send it EDDM (every door direct mail) standard as opposed to EDDM retail.

There are two basic categories of EDDM: Retail, which is setup for small mailers; and BMEU, which is setup for larger mailers that drop the mail at the Business Mail Entry Unit. Beyond having to use a mailing piece that meets the standard mail saturation dimensions and mailing all deliveries on a carrier route, the two categories have different guidelines. These guidelines can be obtained at the USPS website or through a direct mail company that will guide you through the process of figuring out the best design, size proportion and area to send your every door direct mail pieces.

If you’d like to have your direct mail marketing expanded to a more broad range of recipients, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a great option. Instead of mailing to specific individuals and targeted addresses, you can instead have your mail pieces delivered to individual neighborhoods by USPS carrier routes. With Every Door Direct Mail, you simply select your audience and USPS delivers your mail pieces directly to each mailbox on that carrier route. You can time when the mail pieces will hit each neighborhood based on the carrier routes, helping you prepare for all the calls and business that Every Door Direct Mail through Everest Direct Mail & Marketing will bring in by centralized, carefully selected locations!

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