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Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Success

A direct mail marketing campaign that is planned, scheduled and carried out can escalate your company to a higher level of success. takes some strategy, some research and a whole lot of creative effort to develop the kind of campaign that gets a large reaction and huge results. There are always a few ideas and tips that can help you develop your strategy and avoid mistakes that can cost you customers and money.

Researching the type of client or customer that you want for your direct mail campaign is extremely important so that you don’t waste any of your resources mailing to the wrong market. You will need to develop a mailing list with your existing clients and add to it with new prospects. You can research by several different criteria depending on the marketing piece. Research categories could be about where they live, their interests, things they do for fun, what do they buy, level of income, gender, age group, political affiliation and religious beliefs.

Once you have decided on a market to target for your campaign, then you can work on the piece you will send out. You need to decide if it will be a letter, postcard, brochure or flyer. Then, design the piece with art and photos and message that makes it stand out from the crowd. Once you have mailed your piece, then you have to measure everything. How many mailers did you send? How many responded and in what time frame? How many have you followed up with? And what were the respondents demographics so that you can send to those types of people in the future?

Now that the basics have bee