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Direct Mail for Travel and Hospitality Industries

For travelers, looking at faraway lands on the internet, is second nature. And that, it seems is where the travel industry concentrates it’s money for marketing. While that may be true, direct mail marketing is an excellent way for any travel or hospitality business to stand out from the crowd. A direct-mail marketing campaign includes sending out offers and promotions to clients and customers and prospects advertising splendid journeys on postcards, brochures and even letters. It is highly targeted, highly measurable and individualized for each person, cost effective and very flexible. Any business can either buy or develop a mailing list that has certain demographics that allows you to send to only the people in a specific area who would be interested in your product.

The best part of a direct mail campaign is that you can measure its results. Add a coupon, a special code or a distinct phone number and keep track of who responds, where they live and what they bought. The campaign can also be highly individualized. In the printing process, there are computer programs that allows you to address the receiver by name. The message appears to be written just for them and you will get a higher response rate.

The cost of designing a brilliant standout piece of mail and having thousands of pieces printed is very small. A mailing/printing service company has machinery and the capacity that can print, fold, stamp and ready for sending hundreds of thousands of pieces or just 50 in a very short period of time. This keeps the total cost down to pennies for the advertiser. The printers of direct mail pieces can be very flexible, too. You can use postcards and brochures to advertise destinations and their amenities. You can send letters off