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Fitness Biz and Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is the best of the best when it comes to the most effective gym and fitness marketing. It produces high response rates from prospects in your local neighborhoods. You can target the prospects you want based on the client or member that your product appeals to. You can find you members by income, age, household makeup, health, particular neighborhood, lifestyle characteristics and business profiles. The right implementation of a direct mail advertising campaign can be the difference in your targeted customer choosing you over the other guy. You can build a good mix of various physical training level customers by building the right direct mail lists to coincide with each category. You can create a branded postcard that markets your fitness center’s greatest features and then you can track the direct mail campaign’s performance. The Fitness industry is experiencing significant growth so a direct mail marketing campaign can help you obtain new relationships with the right customers for long-term.

Fitness direct mail marketing is the most cost-effective way to get new members excited about joining. You can design a mailer that uses high-gloss, eye-catching postcards that announce your classes, new machinery or special events. And you can direct these mailers to people who live nearby. Fitness buffs like to go workout in the closest facility to their home, (normally within 10 miles of their home), so target just those people. Saturation mailings or Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), target everyone within a specified area through carrier routes. Mailing to everyone within a carrier route allows the USPS to provide the lowest postage rates possible. Everyone in that area is a prospective member regardless of their age, income levels, etc. They are part of the neighborhood and you are the neighborhood workout center! Even though EDDM goes to every address in