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It’s all About the Emotion

Many people like to cry! They like to laugh! And they respond to words the same way. Emotions are a sticky subject in the world of marketing. You don’t want the audience to fall into a puddle of tears, but you want them to have an emotional reaction to what you are selling. It doesn’t matter if it is a product or a service, there has to be an emotional connection. You choose a doctor based on your emotional attraction to the doctor’s knowledge, calm demeanor and wise ways. You pick a lawyer with an emotional connection to their wisdom, their even temperament and to their advice. When marketing your business, you have to create a little emotion. Studies show that emotional marketing works. Whether it is making you laugh, cry or jump out of your seat with a scare, people love to cry or laugh. There are some proven tactics that can help boost response to direct marketing campaigns by using good old emotions.

Creating a story with an ad with a heartwarming core can evoke emotions of safety and comfort. Descriptive and compelling copy can trigger feelings that people want to take action..Effective marketing can trigger someone to respond in the way you want them. Studies have been done that prove when people are deciding on a product, they use their emotions based on their feelings and experiences rather than facts and figures. Liking an ad gives it positive emotions which influences the loyalty and trust in the product. It all depends how how the consumer feels. Pointing out the features and benefits of the product are just a part of the story, but the feeling is the core of the purchase.

In order to make a connection to your client, prospect or customer, you have to fulfill an emotional need. Do you remember the ad about the refrigerator with the big red bow around it as a surprise gift for mom. Yes, the refrigerator was nice and the bow was cute, but it was the fact that the family all gathered together to surprise mom that made refrigerator sales skyrocket!! You can sell practically anything from dish soap to roofing tiles if you use a bit of a tug on the heart. Your job in marketing is to find the equilibrium between the emotional side and the reality of the product. You want your target audience to choose what is right for them. In order for your emotional marketing to work, it needs to stand out, promote trust, drive action, and increase success.