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Make Your Website A Lead Generator

A website is the base point of your online lead generation strategy. It is the first place that a customer comes to get all of the information they need about your company, product or service. It is also the place that you take a person from a “looker” to an actual customer. Conversions happen here. You have to keep a constant vigil on how your website is working in order to obtain those leads. And, you have to make sure that everything is up to date and on trend in order to stay fresh and continue to get new customers. There is a checkpoint that you can develop to stay on top of your website so that you are always up to date and your lead generation numbers do not fall.

First, make sure that your first page makes a strong impression. When someone lands on that front page, does it make them want to search further or does it make them move on? That first impression is vital to your success and it has to stand out from all of the rest that are out there on the internet. This is the visitors first interaction with your brand and they need to feel like “this is it”!

Because design, technology and preferences change over time, you will have to stay on top of what is “hot” today. Check out what others are doing with their pages, with their layout, colors and information. Does yours keep up? Fresh is the key word. You don’t have to change everything everyday, but a new header on the top of your entry page or a new photo changed monthly could make your site more interesting to the visitor. Sites that succeed use bold fonts that are easy to read and the latest trends in colors used throughout the site. If you have brand colors, make sure they are very bold ones that are paired with other colors that make a stunning combination.