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Power Words for Direct Mail

Power words are those that make what you say clear and concise. The choice of your words is the basis to creating a message that resonates and has the reader act. Language is an ever evolving thing and power words have changed too. Figuring out how to communicate a message effectively and correctly for the right outcome is easy if you know the right words. Some words that are considered powerful can hurt, cut, jab and demean. Others can enlighten, praise and support. In order to communicate your message so that it is heard and understood, just takes a long look at what works and makes them effective for most direct mail marketers.

The number one power word used in marketing today is the word YOU. If you want to create a personal connection with your customer, client or prospect, always use the word YOU in your statements.

Next, are the words that trigger a response. These words stick out and cause an emotion. People are sensitized to responding to words that cause an emotion to rise up. They are stirred by the emotions of fear, unpredictability, hope, love, flattery, and freedom from worry. They also want to be accepted and be a part of the popular crowd. So, choosing words that resonates and unites with the value of your business will get your direct mail message across. Words like NOW, NEW, FREE, INSTANT, SAVE. HOT, all communicate the timeliness of your offer. It makes them respond before the time is up. Words such as AMAZING, POWERFUL, and EASY are persuasive words that describe the product or service and causes the reader to gravitate to their influence. GUARANTEE is a word that eases the “try it out with no consequences” factor.

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