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Direct Mail for Landscapers

‘Tis the season to get your lawn green! And who best to do just that than your local landscaper! People who want a nice cared for green lawn, want a landscaper that they can trust and treat their lawn as they do their own home. Because consumers buy from people who they trust, a Lawn Care company needs to build on that trust and their brand recognition. One of the ways that can be accomplished is through direct mail marketing. By sending out a nicely designed postcard to every home in a particular zip code, you can begin building your Lawn care business with the first sign of a robin!

A direct mail letter or postcard along with a follow up door hanger can be a very effective and cost conscious way of getting the word out about your business. And having the ability to target the area that you want to work in is even better. You can determine the areas you want to work in, right down to the exact streets you want to build a client list. Find out the names and addresses of the people who live on that street. Know what services you provide and match them to areas and neighborhoods that want, need and already pay for your services. If you are providing a simple service with just mowing and blowing, then you probably don't want to mail to homes that need heavy landscaping services. If you are installing upscale water features and backyard living areas, you want to target an area that has a multitude of homes with these types of features. You can target a specific neighborhood and develop that area as the “go to” lawn company. Developing a strategy for increasing your coverage area starts with just one zip code and moving out from there.

Door hangers allows you to reinforce the letter or postcard so your name and logo keep appearing in front of the home dweller. When your lawn care teams go out to do a job, just have them hang them on doors on either side of the street. Neighbors are always the best referrals. Another benefit of targeting and gaining consumers in the immediate areas of your existing clients is that it will help cut down time between getting from job to job and increase efficiencies while cutting costs.

Direct mail gives you the flexibility of putting your mailers into the area that you want to increase your business. You can send to one zip code area one week and another zip code area the next. This distributes the cost factor over a period of time. Instead of mailing out 10,000 postcards all at once, you can spread the direct mail campaign out over a period of time giving you control of the flow of new clients. 1,000 postcards per week for 10 straight weeks would stagger your results and get you the number of clients that you would like to service. Within a month of the first mailings, send another round of postcards to the same areas to spark recognition. Over time, when a prospect needs a lawn service, they will think of the one that they are familiar with.

In your first mailing, if you are going to introduce yourself and your company, talk about how long you have been in business and how you provide the following list of services. Get to the point of what you offer. Make an impact. Show them you are different and it is in their best interest to call you instead of someone else. Design your direct mail postcard with a picture on the front of you, the owner and a spectacular lawn in the background. Make sure you have a strong logo that stands out printed on both sides of the postcard. Include all contact information such as phone number, cell number, email address and website. If you are distributing door hangers, they should include the logo and all contact information also. If you have a slogan, that should appear on all mailings and hangers. A professional design and layout with help give a trustworthy impression Make sure to remove all apartment complexes, businesses and PO boxes from your mailing lists. Focus your list on residential addresses only.

We, at Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, create professional-looking mailers, complete with your own logo. We feature high-value content to get the best reach possible for prospective clients. Our mailers are fully customizable and allow you to connect with your community. This customization makes our mailers even more informative and effective. The possibilities are endless! Mailers can advertise new services, offer coupons, display previous work and get your business off the ground swiftly.Mailers are a powerful way to build and maintain your client base. Become the go-to Landscaping company for your area today!

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