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Email and Direct Mail Together Is A Business Match Made In Heaven

When you combine email and direct mail into one marketing campaign, you have invented a very powerful tool. Together, they can double response rates. When you are sending emails or direct mails for the first time, those first impressions mean everything. And your message needs to be reinforced, many times on many different platforms. You win in marketing when the decision maker you want to influence sees you as a recognizable brand. Digital marketing is commonplace in today’s business world. But, to add regular old fashioned received right into your hand mail gives the receiver the one two punch needed to make an impact on decisions. Email and direct mail together creates the maximum marketing benefits. It is essential to make your marketing strategies as diverse as possible. Direct mail is an incredible partner of email marketing.

People interact with physical mail and email differently. A through the post office mailpiece is a singular entity and must stand on its own. Just one piece of direct mail through the post office must be multifaceted because it has a lot of jobs to do all at once. It has to grab the attention of the reader immediately, be interesting, provide multiple calls to action, show features and benefits, comparisons and charts all in one space. Emails on the other hand, need to encourage people to click on links to learn more about the company, the message and the product. The designs for an email can be simpler than a through the mail piece because whoever is viewing them is already on a computer or mobile device. This means the viewer can click links to get more information. Emails create interest that will draw the recipients in without overwhelming them with too much information at one time.

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